Important Orders


Order Number and Date Subject
N0.3301(1)/G.S./Education/C6-4(II)/2017, Date 13.12.2019 (478 KB) Regarding to being given additional charge of the post of Vice Chancellor of Doon University Dehradun to Dr. Ajit Kumar Karnataka.
N0.3061(1)/G.S./Education/C11-1/2015, Date 26.11.2019 (547 KB) Regarding the appointment of Dr. P.P Dhyani as Vice Chancellor of Shri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University Tehri Garhwal.
N0.2138(1)/G.S./Education/C12-1(II)/2019, Date 11.09.2019 (545 KB) Regarding the appointment of Prof. Sunil Kumar Joshi as Vice Chancellor of Ayurveda University Dehradun.
N0.1791(1)/G.S./Education/C16-1/2016, Date 13.08.2019 (664 KB) Regarding Appointment of Vice-Chancellor of GBPUAT
N0.1273(1)/G.S./Education/C13-2/2014, Date 12.07.2019 (529 KB) Appointment of V C veer chandra singh garhwali uttarakhand university of horticulture and forestary bharsar pauri garhwal
N0.1136(1)/G.S./Education/C13-2/2019, Date 03.07.2019 (583 KB) Appointment of Vice-chancellor of VCG Uttarakhand Forest and Horticulture University, Bharsar
N0.716(1)/G.S./Education/C11-1/2019, Date 28.05.2019 (535 KB) Regarding Appointment of Dr. U.S Rawat as Vice-Chancellor of Sri Dev Suman Uttarakhand University
N0.540(1)/G.S./Education/C3-7(III)/2016, Date 15.05.2019 (389 KB) Regarding the appointment of Prof. KS Rana as the Vice Chancellor of Kumayun University.
N0.505(1)/G.S./Education/C3-7(III)/2016, Date 14.05.2019 (378 KB) Regarding resignation of Prof. DK Nodiyal, Vice Chancellor, University of Kumaun.
N0.296(1)/G.S./Education/A4-135-II/2019, Date 26.04.2019 (1463 KB) Regarding meeting at Rajbhawan Uttarakhand
N0.4825(1)/G.S./Education/C13-2/2018, Date 26.03.2019 (649 KB) Additional charge of VC, veer chandra sing garhwal university , bharsar pauri garhwal to commissioner garhwal for the period of six month.
N0.4422(1)/G.S./Education/C5-8(4)/2018, Date 21.02.2019 (499 KB) Regarding the appointment of Prof. Devi Prasad Tripathi to the Vice Chancellor of Uttarakhand Sanskrit University, Haridwar.
N0.4190(1)/G.S./Education/C7-12(I)/2019, Date 04.02.2019 (487 KB) Regarding the appointment of Prof. Om Prakash Negi as the Vice Chancellor of Uttarakhand Open University.
N0.3856(1)/G.S./Education/C7-12(1)/2017, Date 16.01.2019 (435 KB) Regarding the expansion of interim work entrusted to the Uttarakhand Open University, Vice Chancellor Kumaun University Professor DK Nodiyal.
N0.3069/G.S./Education/C4-3(II)/2018,Date 15.11.2018 (498 KB) Regarding the appointment of Professor Narendra Shivaji Chaudhary as Vice-Chancellor of Uttarakhand Technical University.

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